International certificates for graduates

Offering motivated young people opportunities for the future: A great project that Schwarz is passionate about year after year.

Some time ago, an African nation had to deal with a huge problem facing its young people. A significant number of university diplomas had been forged. Original school certificates could no longer be distinguished from tampered ones, resulting in very limited opportunities for the young students to gain admission from international universities to study abroad. The school board recognized the problem and saw the need for immediate action. Schwarz Druck created and offered a customized solution. A tamper-proof certificate was developed with security features such as hologram strips, UV fluorescent ink and a special security paper so that the authenticity of the certificates could be proven. However, Schwarz Druck did not stop its efforts even during the development phase. In addition, Schwarz Druck performed consistency checks on all data to be printed on the certificates for each customer order to ensure that the records were usable and plausible even before the actual printing process.

Last but not least, Schwarz Druck improved the related logistics and shipping processes by continuously reviewing the procedures over the past years. This helped to ensure smooth, fastest possible and well-optimized delivery.

Since 2011, more than 12 million certificates have been printed, delivered and issued to now completely satisfied graduates.

The international reputation of school certificates for these graduates has been put back on track, leading to a brighter future for the certificate holders. A truly fine project that Schwarz Druck delivered as a turnkey solution.

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