High Security Printing Latin America 3 – 5 June 2024 Santiago, Chile

Also in Chile this year, we are participating in the Regional Forum on Secure Document Technologies – the leading platform for the latest technologies and processes for the production and issuance of banknotes, e-passports, ID cards, visas, and other secure documents throughout Latin- and South-America. The High Security Printing™ conferences are annual events with a specific regional focus. 

They cover a wide range of government documents, including cash, fiduciary documents, excise stamps, ID cards, e-passports, visa, vehicle documents, and licenses, with a particular emphasis on banknotes and new technologies for IDs and travel documents. Alongside each event, there is a trade exhibition featuring 30 to 40 companies providing technologies and systems for these industries. 

We warmly invite you to visit our booth and discover the innovations and solutions we have developed for secure document production and issuance. Be part of this important forum and establish valuable connections in the world of secure document technologies in Latin America.

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