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With our own highly specialized R & D division we possess an immense product and production know-how and we closely cooperate constructively with researchers and scientists. For we all – our customers, cooperation and technology partners, and we from Schwarz Druck – are facing multifaceted and ever-changing challenges. An effective network of expertise in the field of project management, products, production, logistics, and R&D is essential for a strategic partner in order to always be one decisive step ahead of the counterfeiters.

Indeed, there are some parameters

Schwarz Druck specializes in the development and production of highly individual and secure solutions. For this objective the use of ideal materials such as special papers, films, and adhesives, is vital in order to be successful.


R & D supports existing and future projects regarding selection and qualification of alternative and innovative materials. Various parameters like field of application, specific customer requirements, or climatic conditions have to be taken into account

Common ground

As multifaceted customer requirements, business areas, and products may be – they all have one thing in common: the necessity for steady ongoing development in order to always be one decisive step ahead of the counterfeiters.


Results deriving from this approach can be found in the especially developed DMOS process (digital magneto-optical security feature), in the OVP (optically variable printing) process, as well as in the innovative security feature DeepMag.


Benefit from an active, effective, and sustainable cooperation with Schwarz Druck. One example could be the setup of a stage model in which as next step not only features are being adapted but also a suitable system solution is being integrated.


The consistent consensus about rapidly increasing requirements concerning efficient product and document protection is a permanent incentive for us to develop further innovative counterfeit-proof solutions

Without doubt the right combination

By the development of exclusive security features our R & D department sets new standards also in this field and hence creates long-term and efficient solutions.


Schwarz Druck combines efficient security features of various levels (from visible to forensic) in order to comply with the numerous requirements and to provide the perfect solution for all parties involved.

Our products are exclusively made in Germany which not only creates numerous technical obstacles for potential counterfeiters but also the necessary save distance from the production process.


Put your trust in us
as many prestigious clients already do

For decades Schwarz Druck has been selected partner of national and international governments, of governmental-related organizations, industrial customers, local public transport companies, as well as technology partners.

We should be pleased to further exchange experiences in a personal meeting with you!

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