>> We protect IDENTITIES, BRANDS, PRODUCTS, as well as MARKETS and connect the analog with the digital world. Our mission is to take the lead and to create long-term perspectives by continuous research and development.<<
This has been our success story for 120 years.


Our products allow authentification via most simple means as well as via special equipment. With our ongoing development process we achieve most state-of-the art security solutions.

Let us help you to protect both your reputation and your revenue to a considerable extent.

A large number of security requirements are being implemented on a tiny piece of paper.

Our security features are created to safeguard our clients‘ most sensitive documents, which are used in many fields.

In the industrial world security stickers help to prevent counterfeiting and manipulation.

Security features are frequently a requirement for stamps.

Passports are commonly used as proof of a person’s identity.

Identification cards are commonly used as proof of a person’s identity.

Another means of payment with monetary value are checks, commonly handed out by various credit institutions.

The security technology for official papers/certificates is usually not in the least inferior to those of governmental documents.

Visa stickers are an entitlement to stay in a certain country.

Event tickets are mainly used to provide security and traceability during access control of an event.

Vouchers or coupons are mostly handed out during promotion campaigns or they are distributed as comparable means of payment at a certain monetary value.

As a rule in the ticket vending machines of the public transport companies tickets on roll are being used.

Tickets bundled in pad form are preferrably handed out by staff of public transport companies.

Like tickets on roll individual tickets are used in ticket vending machines by the public transport companies.

IDs relating to local public transport, insurance, or club membership are usually the field of application concerning integrated cards.

Why choose us?

Schwarz Druck is certified as security printing company (government level) by SQS (Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems) according to INTERGRAF (International Confederation for Printing and Allied Industries) ISO 14298:2013

Schwarz Druck is certified as value and security printing company according to DIN ISO 9001:2015. Our corporate processes are permanently being analyzed and recorded in process instructions. It starts with reviewing the contract and is being concluded with the despatch of the goods. All processes are verified on a regular basis by internal and external audits.

This approach creates certainty among our customers and is a challenge for us towards permanent improvement.

Our company is FSC® certified (Forest Stewardship Council®). We participate in this globally recognized certification system which stands for products from socially acceptable and environmentally balanced forest management. Independent certifiers constantly monitor the processes so that stipulated standards are met in all production stages.

Find out more about FSC® at


For us an efficient and a reliable international network of partners provides the necessary closeness to individual projects and customers alike, for you it creates certainty that your project will be implemented in a professional manner and in compliance with local standards.

Schwarz Druck has a long company history and also today puts particular emphasis on its international projects – whether in Europe, Asia, Africa, or in the Middle East.

You, too, may benefit from our exclusive product quality „made in Germany“. No matter where – with our headquarters in Germany, our sales offices worldwide, and our international partner network we are always at your disposal – everywhere!

Thus, Schwarz Druck represents a role model at its own production site. Where our top qualified experts with their profound know how and with utmost precision are busy fighting for the protection of originals on a daily basis we systematically prevent unauthorized persons from accessing company grounds.

For this purpose we have sophisticated access controls, monitoring systems, and access regulations. As we are a certified security printing company all customer data, products, as well as the whole production process are subject to permanent monitoring and are exclusively handled by authorized staff.

Efficient product and system solutions exactly require what we have in abundance: experience and expertise of our staff and our cooperation partners.


As far as complete solutions for your security are concerned there is no room for gaps when it comes to product and process organization.


Therefore, for us the beginning of a cooperation lies within our research and development activities aimed at the creation of new security features and production processes.


Cooperations also make Schwarz Druck a trustworthy partner for our customers in project business. They enable us to resort flexibly and system independently to the technology which is most suitable for an application. Thanks to our network of experts we have the essential preconditions even to provide complex system solutions.

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