Chiemgau economic miracle – success with its own currency

Did you know that the Chiemgau has its own currency?
A stable one at that?

For years, Schwarz Druck has been allowed to produce the “money” for the beautiful vacation region in Bavaria. The Chiemgauer Regiogeld is obtained in exchange for euros in order to be able to pay for services and goods in the regional currency. This system stimulates local demand and allows a certain self-sufficiency. The American professor Stodder, who teaches econometrics at Boston University, has shown in a study that a euro exchanged for Chiemgauer has a threefold multiplier and increases regional added value (source:,-regionalwaehrung-chiemgauer-trotzt-der-pandemie-_arid,642165.html).

According to Chairman Schütz, sales grew by 8 percent to over six million euros during the Corona pandemic.

We greatly appreciate being able to play a part in this success story and are particularly pleased with the words of Elke Mathe, Managing Director of Chiemgauer Regiogeld: “From the very beginning, Schwarz Druck has supported us by producing high-quality and forgery-proof vouchers. We are happy to have such a loyal and reliable partner.”

Currently, Schwarz Druck is also allowed to produce climate bonus vouchers.

Anyone who operates in a CO²-neutral manner in the Chiemgau region receives a bonus in the form of a climate bonus voucher.

a climate bonus voucher and can therefore make purchases at reduced prices in the region.

By the way, the idea has been around for a very long time. To be exact, since 1931. 

At that time, the term “Schwundgeld” was used. You can read about the meaning of this term and the clever mind behind it here:”.

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