Sustainable mobility that inspires and retains employees.

The Schwarz Druck Business Bike.

This simple way of getting around kills many birds with one stone: it is an environmentally friendly
means of transport, promotes employee health and also strengthens employee loyalty.
Instead of exposing oneself to the daily commuter traffic on the road, the business bike allows
employees to actively ride to work and integrate physical work into their daily routine. Regular
cycling improves fitness, reduces stress and promotes overall health. It also provides a great
opportunity to get some fresh air and clear the mind for the workday.
Most importantly, providing business bikes also demonstrates the employer's social and
environmental commitment. By reducing emissions and helping to reduce traffic, companies are
making a positive contribution to improving air quality and reducing their carbon footprint.
But is the idea of healthy cycling to work perhaps just fancy theory when you think of stylish clothing,
rainy weather, hair styling and that first sweaty shirt? Our Daniela, who has been working as a
machine helper at Schwarz Druck since 2014, has done the practical test and reveals what she really
thinks of this benefit:

“For me, it was a great pleasure when Schwarz Druck introduced the company bike for employees. I
had been toying with the thought of an e-bike for a while because I wanted to get more exercise.
Since my old bike was getting on in years, it just wasn't fun anymore. Immediately after the offer was announced, I had the monthly costs for my dream bike calculated. The result was a sensational
leasing rate, so the decision was made. I've finally had an e-bike since May and I use it a lot.
Especially in everyday life, whether it's the way to the supermarket or to work. I can recommend
everyone to cycle to work. The fresh air clears your head and lifts your mood. You come to work and
back home from work much more balanced. Exercise is simply good for you and healthy. Nowadays,
most companies offer showers – so does Schwarz Druck. This is an excellent way to combine exercise
with the commute to work. This requires a bit more planning and discipline, but it's worth it. In
addition, you never have parking problems or have to be annoyed when you are stuck in traffic jams

Bicycle leasing through the employer is a great thing. It's nice that Schwarz Druck has initiated this social and at the same time sustainable project and thus offers us a great added value. This is
appreciation shown to me. Thank you for that.”

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