Green steps to protect the environment: CO2-neutral printing products!

We are a ClimatePartner since February 2020.


Below, we explain how this works and what it means for you:


After we have received your order, we calculate how many kilogrammes or tonnes of CO2 are emitted based on the materials used for this order. As a ClimatePartner, we have the opportunity to simultaneously select a project that is supported by Schwarz Druck in return for the CO2 emissions in order to compensate for the emissions. There is a wide range of projects – from tree planting campaigns to clean cooking stoves in Africa. The customer is welcome to choose one of the projects, which vary from time to time.

This project is then financially supported by ClimatePartner and thus offsets the CO2 emissions of the print-job.


After payment, each CO2 offset is assigned a number. This number can then be printed on the product together with the logo. This allows you to track exactly which project has been donated to and the amount of CO2 that has been offset.


By supporting such a project, you gain a clean and good feeling in addition to your high quality Schwarz Druck products, because you make a valuable contribution to supporting great projects that preserve our planet.


Please contact us if you would like more information.

Your contact person for ClimatePartner projects:

Sarah Egger

08026 / 397-56


We are looking forward to receiving your enquiries.

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