The safe solution for an exclusive product labeling.

In our days goods often get lost on their way to the customers. Or goods of different qualities are shipped to the users, some of those have got only little in common with the original product. The major problem in the logistics chain is to track & trace goods seamlessly.



Would security labels be a solution to this problem?

We say: ‘Yes’. Because labels can be personalised individually. Just by using ordinary printers, the unique label number could be amended or linked to additional customer data. The connected data sets are now digitally printed on the labels. But isn’t something missing to ensure full counterfeit protection? After all, this conventional technology could be copied relatively easily.



Certainly!  DMOS-feature (digital magneto-optical security), the latest development – created by Schwarz Drucks in house development experts – equipes security labels with non-clonable and inimitable product marking.

Dr. Hoffmann, physicist at Schwarz Druck, reports: “We work with a combination of digital printing and foil application. Using a magnetographic process, a personalized form is printed as text or graphics and afterwards coated with a film.”

Asa feature based on digital printing, each character or image can be applied individually. E.g. any QR- or Datamatrix-Code coated in that way using holographic films is difficult or even impossible to read with an of-the-shelf reader (scanner, smartphone). Nevertheless, it can be decoded by a magneto-optical process that was developed by one of our partners. After all a sophisticated technology, but as it protects very well against forgery it suits our customers needs. Schwarz Druck GmbH could provide the DEMOS solution also for high production volumes.

DMOS is a customizable solution with many additional benefits – a combination of technologies. E.g. for logistics processes based on QR code solution, one could combine the content via the database. It’s an Ideal solution for product and brand as well as trackins & tracing. Any person could forge a QR code, but with a feature combination as used by DEMOS, the cost to forge it is extremely high.

The secure marking could be verified with techniques based on smartphone technology. This method also allows a later authenticity check. Therefore a certain measurement technology was configured only responding to DMOS technology.


Schwarz Druck could advise you on how to integrate its solution into your processes and thus guarantee seamless logistics for your goods.

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