Heartfelt project: Helping the food bank of Schliersee

“Responsibility is one of our most important, lived values.
In addition to a clear commitment to the location and the region, we create a working and
production environment for qualified employees and customers, taking into account corporate and
social responsibility.

For us, regional commitment goes hand in hand with this. That is why we decided this year, together
with the Rewe store in Hausham, to support the food bank of the Miesbach district association with
necessary goods worth EUR 2,000.

In addition to providing the goods, it was also important for us to actively support the
implementation and distribution directly on site.

During a meeting on 07.12.2022, we were able to get an idea of the Tafel's premises, deliver a first
part of our goods and familiarise ourselves with our tasks.

It is a matter close to my heart to be able to make a first contribution here at the Tafel and I thank all
the volunteers for this valuable work. Beyond our ambitious business goals, however, we also take

this campaign as an opportunity to practice humility and remain faithful to our support of the Tafel.”
Marco Castiglioni, CSO of Schwarz Druck

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